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Our name says it all. Alliance - is the term that describes the core of an effective helping relationship. When counselors and clients meet in a genuine, connected relationship, the stage is set for change. We become a team working to set and achieve your goals. Community - emphasizes the fact that we are all in this together. Personal issues are usually the result of negative interpersonal experiences caused by relationship problems. Our path to health is usually followed in the company of others.

As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the State of Washington, I have a passion for understanding how we change. Drawing on research in the neurosciences, cognitive science, artificial intelligence, psychology, philosophy, and religion, I seek to understand your world and offer options for you to consider. I use a variety of techniques ranging from individual counseling to couples and family therapy and group treatment.Together we work to address harmful thought processes, addictions, depression, anxiety, sexual issues, and relationship problems that are important to you.

It is important for you to know that my approach assumes some critical facts. I believe that our problems are often normal responses to a stressful environment. Responses which worked once may no longer serve our needs. I also assume that any meaningful change arises from you. Though I can support and maybe even provoke you to change, you determine how and if you will change. Together we find ways to use your strengths to make change possible.

My focus is on empowering you to reach the goals you define. This can often be achieved in a relatively brief time - often in a few sessions. It is my hope that as you achieve the results you want in your life, you become an inspiration to others. Alliance Community Counseling is all about creating a better community by joining with you to achieve your goals!

-James Rogers, LMHC



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